Our work space is a designated area where anyone can come in and spend their time as they see fit. During regular business hours, you  are welcome to come use our large wooden workspace table for a project, a meeting, a place to eat your lunch, or to just sit and work on your computer. We always have coffee and tea, ready to be made at any time. If the table is too formal, we have a lounge area that might make you feel more at home. 

Organizations and boards are always welcome to plan their next get-together, meeting, think-tank, or discussion in the space. If you need more information, contact us at any time. 

Our tools and materials (see below) are free and available for you to use in our space. We have paints, paper, brushes, inks, various fibers, sewing materials, and will slowly build our collection as time goes on! Everything is here, ready to be used by you and your friends. If you want to be sure the table is available and not being used by someone else, call ahead at 724-422-5553. Please check our website calendar to see if there are workshops going on before you plan to come in and work!


Kleur has an ever-growing collection of hand and small power tools on site that can be borrowed by anyone, at any time. We operate on an honor system - if you borrow it, we trust you'll return it when you are finished. Tools can be used on-site if you bring your project in, or you can take them home for as long as you need.

We are always accepting donations for our tool library! If your basement, garage, workshop, studio, classroom, barn, or grandfather's attic has tools or materials (including art and crafting supplies!) you aren't using, please consider bringing them in to us! We will certainly put them to good use, either as part of the library or during workshops and events in house.  You can email us with any inquiry at



We have a number of used books on site available for borrowing as well! Most (not all, but most!) can be purchased if the reader so wishes, but in general these books are here for you to borrow and enjoy. Many people come in and read while lounging in the shop with a nice cup of coffee! This is our favorite honor, so please don't hesitate! Book genres include resource and how-to books, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, and books on art, philosophy, theory, and music, to name just a few. 

To donate to our library simply bring in some books! Whatever we don't keep, we will donate to The Mission, just down the street. 

It is our goal to grow our collection to a large proportion and to be Winston-Salem's first FREE used book spot. Tell anyone you know who likes to read! We got you.