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We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission of enriching our community with a safe and consistent collaborative workspace, where anyone can feel welcome to come in, learn new skills, participate in lively discussions, and in general feel inspired and empowered. We work hard to provide workshops, events, discussions, collaborations, residencies, tutorials, and in general a place for us all to come together safely, and happily. 

Our mission is powerful, but we are small. We are continually striving to grow and develop as we work toward being a self-sustaining small business. Contributions from people like you, who believe Kleur is an asset and valuable resource to our community, are what can ensure our success and evolution as the community space we so dedicated to being. 

By donating to Kleur, you are declaring that you wish to have us around, and are buying a permanent invitation to become part of our community family. Consider your contribution an endowment in support of a space where people can learn, grow, connect, and find their true selves. 

We so appreciate your help and desire to see us succeed in our mission to bring a collaborative workspace to downtown Winston-Salem! It is truly something we all will benefit from, and we look forward to having you in our Forever Family!


Personal checks and cash donations can also be dropped off in person during regular business hours and at workshops.

Thank you! We love you!