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Kleur is proud to offer workshops, tutorials, discussions, and other events in our shop and workspace, or our outdoor venue. We are excited to collaborate with community members, organizations, fellow artists, and tradespeople by providing a space for them to lend their skills and expertise to others. It is our mission to create a communal space for others to feel at home in, and we encourage you to take advantage of it! 

If you wish to take advantage of our space and host an event, or participate in our Residency Program, please use the links below to introduce yourself and your idea. 


We encourage anyone who would like to lead a workshop, tutorial, discussion, or class,  or host an event in our space, to feel free to propose their idea here. Please allow up to two weeks for us to respond to your proposal. If this is a time-sensitive proposal, please submit this form and send an additional email to, and we will try to respond to you quickly.  / SUBMIT PROPOSAL