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WORKSHOP: With Pure Barre: Finding Fitness: Building A Relationship with Wellness Isn't As Hard As You Think

This workshop is intended for those who wish they had a better relationship with their health and wellness, specifically their physical body and the way they feel --- but aren't sure how to start.

We all come up with reasons why we don't want to build daily fitness into our lives: "It costs too much money,"  "I don't have time in my schedule,"  "I don't enjoy doing that kind of thing,"   " [insert type of fitness] is only for [insert type of person]"   "I won't see results fast enough" 

Trust me. I was one of these people for years. Like, my whole life. 

This casual, judgement-free, discussion-based event will target the reasons we tell ourselves fitness isn't feasible for our lifestyle, and then will address ways we can incorporate it -- in easier (and cheaper) ways that you think!

Co-Hosted with our friends at Pure Barre. Free!