THIS MONTH'S MOVIE: Frantz (Showing at River Run International Film Festival, AND a/perture toward the end of the month)

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: See the movie, then come to this event!


RECONSIDER is like a book club, but for movies. No, it's not for film buffs only. It's a casual talk about a movie we all happened to see, as we figure out ways to relate to it, figure out what it's theme was, why we liked it, why maybe we didn't, and to discuss the issues raised by the movie itself. In short, this is a club for people who, movies!

We've joined up with our friends a/perture for this venture! Each month, they will suggest a movie that they're showing, and we'll email/post what movie we'll be focusing on that month. All you have to do is SEE THE MOVIE before coming to our event! B.Y.O.B - We will post questions to mentally take in with you when you go to see it! Email us if you're interested in joining the group. We will be in touch with specifics and the questions for this month's movie, Frantz