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This a three-hour resource for artists, with a live model provided. $15 gets you in. Bring your own materials.

This intimate session is a valuable, affordable resource for all artists, regardless of your level of skill. In a cozy, quiet space feel free to exercise your practice in a judgement-free area, with a typical academic figure-study break down of time and gestures.  We have extra chairs that can be used as easels if you need. Seating provided. Pay day of.

Rough Breakdown of Poses
10 minutes of 1-min gesture poses (Warm up)
Two 5-minute poses (Warm Up)
- break -
Two 10-minute poses
- break -
Two 20-minute pose
- break -
One Hour-Long pose 

This session occurs every last Wednesday of every month. If there is demand, we will offer it every other week!