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Join our resident artist Phlox in this casual two-hour long course that delves into accessing not just the freedom and motivation it takes to sit down and draw, but the discovery of unlocking new ways of expressing yourself through it.

"For most of my life, I didn't draw in a way that I thought was particularly accurate. While attending my first residency a few years ago, I had a mentor who walked me through the mentality of drawing and helped me observe what mistakes I was consistently making. He helped me establish a better drawing practice by showing me several exercises that I think could be fun to do with a group. I would particularly like to work with blind contour and peek contour drawings, as well as working from upside-down images." - Grace Engel (Phlox)


$10 // Please register here beforehand so we can know how many to expect, or call/email to let us know you are coming!