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WORKSHOP: Growing Food in Small Spaces - with the Forsyth County Food Consortium

Interested in learning about urban agriculture and how to grow food from small spaces? This workshop, led by our friends of the Forsyth County Food Consortium, will offer a mix of hands-on learning, storytelling, and instructional advocacy for growing food at home here in Winston. Local urban farmers will be sharing some valuable lessons around growing food in small/urban spaces, before a mapping session where participants can create maps and plan for their own personal small-space garden.   //  To prepare: take note and be aware of areas  in your home or property (even if you rent!) that aren't being utilized. Measure them if you can! (this sort of prep not required, just could be helpful).

Information about local urban gardens, how to start your own, important policies to know, and how to be a better food systems advocate will be provided.  Participants will also learn about upcoming ideas for collaborations and additional workshops with FCFC and Kleur!

-Who is FCFC?-

The Forsyth Community Food Consortium is a community-driven organization promoting a more just and vibrant food system. It is a resource finder, community project facilitator, and collaborative hub - as well as a foods policy council. They're also just  terrific people.