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YOUR CREATIVE SELF PITCH: Crafting your personal pitch and networking your brand

Storytelling for Creatives: Crafting your personal pitch and networking your brand

Good networking for creatives is tough. Not only do you have to immediately read a situation, but you also need to figure out how to present yourself, your pitch and your mission in a way that resonates with your audience AND stays true to who you are.

Everyone loves a good story, and your personal pitch and brand should reflect confidence and, most importantly, it should reflect you. 

This workshop uses interactive activities to teach the basics of good storytelling, confident networking and solid presentation skills. 

Participants will learn tips and tricks to make their personal pitches fun, engaging and interesting, and will get personal feedback.


• How to craft a good pitch • What elements are necessary for effective storytelling• Tips and tricks for making anything interesting, resonant and engaging


• Creatives looking to work on their networking, pitch, and storytelling skills • Individuals launching a new creative brand • New and veteran creatives alike • Musicians, artists, makers, artisans, etc.

Photo taken by Jeremy Barnes for Woven Magazine