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Talking, Learning, and Being Together: The Fourth Wave

A call to all local women and men concerned with the feminist cause:

No, we don't just mean women (SO worth repeating). No, we don't just mean ACTIVE activists, or people who continually post articles on their Facebook pages about gender equality, rape, living wages, media portrayal, and daily lives punctuated by constant harassment. We don't even mean we just want people who are articulate. We are calling out to ANYONE who wants to start having (or just being present for) a regular discussion about this fourth wave of feminism, about our roles, responsibilities, and what we think the biggest issues within the larger umbrella issue are. 

This first meeting will be pretty lax. Just a little open forum discussion (there will be some thematic prompts, it won't just be a free for all), a chance to vent a little, but mostly to start identify our concerns. It would be nice to then sort of talk about ways we could meet in the future, panelists and educators we could bring in, and how we can get a public Women's Studies "program" (hah) started that will actually excite + engage Winston Salem's eye-rollers or those who are happy to remain stagnant. 

Please encourage males to attend. Please schedule the time to attend, set a reminder in your calendar, and make the effort to be here, if this even remotely interests you.

At Kleur. If the weather is nice and if enough people come, we can move to the grass lot around the corner.