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PAGE by PAGE: Building the Sketchbook Habit with Tristin Miller

Building a sketchbook takes thought, inspiration, and hours and hours of action -- whether it's mindless meditative doodling, a detailed rendering, or a wildly series of abstract Somethings. Or anything in between. 

If you're like some of us, you buy sketchbooks that never seem to get filled. Or used.

If you're like Tristin Miller, you go through so many sketchbooks each year that they can become your actual livelihood, passion, and creative outlet all at once. Join us in the shop to hear her tricks for finding inspiration, sticking with an idea (however fleeting), using sketching as a way to start --and even finish-- an expression, and all-in-all, HOW TO BUILD THE HABIT of using and filling a sketchbook. 

Small sketchbooks will be provided, as well as pens, watercolors, and other materials. Come get your hands cramped and dirty, and bring home the start of what will soon be a filled book of your visions and ideas. 

$15 (covers materials, instructor compensation + travel)  //  Please register ahead of time. 


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