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Springtime Personal Goals Pep-Up and Plan Session

We all have goals we know we need to get started on. Sometimes, we procrastinate so much that they never get done, or they get morphed into a lesser, more-attainable, less-satisfying end. Winter is usually a long, solid block of time during which goals begin to wither and die. Spring is our annual opportunity to save them, breathe new life into them, and get the sh/t done. 

Behold Kleur's FIRST personal goal session. Here is how we envision this working:

Come to this with a list of your personal goals in hand. It doesn't have to be complete. You might get ideas while you're here ("Oh, yeah, that reminds me that I need to ______"). During this time, we will talk as a group or split into smaller groups, share our lists, and describe the challenges that make them, well, hard to get done. Maybe your challenge is time, maybe it's money, maybe it's laziness, fear of failing or scrutiny, or even insecurity. Maybe you don't know where to start. Perhaps (most likely!) you just aren't totally clear on the order of steps to take to get something done. Whatever the challenges are, the group effort will help to encourage you, and also help you map out the best way to do it.

Most importantly, the group can encourage us to be excited about it all. Feeling inspired is the first step. Coming to this session might be what finally gets you to DO it!

Some examples:

"I want to finally make a website to market myself as a ____, but I don't know where to start, how to do it, etc." The group might offer suggestions of site-making tools that are easy to use and affordable, or perhaps help you make a list of things you'll need to get started --- a bio, photos of you and your work, etc. 

"I bought this fixer-upper house three years ago and the list keeps getting longer and longer and I am overwhelmed." The group might look at the list and help you decide which projects are more reasonable for you to do first, which can be done affordable and without much knowledge, which might need contractors. The group might SUGGEST friends or family who can work for your budget. The group might suggest hacks they've used, or tips from personal experience. In general, the group will egg you on and offer you spirited encouragement :)

Other examples:

"I want to finally start a business"

"I want to learn to communicate with my partner better"

"I want to better stay in touch with friends"

"I want to plant a vegetable/flower garden."

"I want to go on a hike every week, but I don't have much time or know where to find places to hike"

"I want to create at least one finished piece of work a week"

"I'm want to get over my fear of _______"

"I want to raise my credit score"

"I want to buy my first house but don't know what that entails"

"I want to take better care of my skin, but don't know what that means"

"I want a way to work out daily that doesn't cost a fortune"

"I want to remodel/rearrange my home but I don't have an eye for it"

"I want to start reading again"

"I want to build a _________."

"I want to learn how to sew and start making ____________."

"I want to write a book."

"I want to start a blog."

"I want to start a zine."

"I want to try stand up comedy."

"I want to write/start an ANYthing"