Leather Tassel Workshop
Wednesday, Dec. 7, $25   //   Register Here
7-9p (1-2 hrs)
If you’re like me, once you find the perfect bag, it’s impossible to let go of, no matter how worn it gets…especially if it’s still functioning. Some might say I’m just putting lipstick on a pig, but I try to hold on until the end, and adding a handcrafted double leather tassel to a well-worn strap feels like breathing new life into an old favorite. 
In this workshop, you’ll develop basic leather-working skills and leave class with your very own double-tassel, ready to wrap around the strap of any old, or new, favorite bag. 
Basic skills include:
- Getting a feel for different types of leather
- Cutting, punching, and stitching
- Working with waxed linen
These skills will enable you to make your own belts, necklaces, and as many double-tassels as you can stand, with just a few simple tools. 
*1 Double-Tassel included in the workshop price, but feel free to make as many as you’d like for an additional $10/per.