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W H A T   W E   A R E

A   B O U T I Q U E 

Since opening, we've curated high-quality, small-batch goods created at the hands of hard-working creatives near and far. Each piece sold was made or repurposed with love from individuals who have mindfully created their own entrepreneurial stake in this beautiful world. 

Our boutique is now an online shop that will rotate inventory regularly. We highly encourage you to explore the websites of the different brands and product lines we feature - they're lovely people who deserve to be praised for their wonderful work.


A   R E S I D E N C Y   P R O G R A M

Out-of-town artists, makers, thinkers, and doers are invited to join us in North Carolina for a creative residency, in which collaboration and exploration of are the key goals. Residents are housed in either an integrated downtown loft/studio space or at Kleur's secluded mountain house, Kilbywood (available in the Fall of 2017). Visit our residency page for more details and to apply.

A   M A K E R S P A C E

A makerspace is a physical place where people can gather to use shared resources and knowledge to create or hone new skills. Kleur offers workshops, seminars, tutorials, demonstrations, idea-sharing presentations, meetings, salons, performances, and just about any other type of forum that allows individuals to share and explore creative skills, new or old ideas, information and current affairs, socially relevant topics, and interpersonal growth. 

While we began as a brick-and-mortar shop and workspace, we have now shifted to being a mobile "satellite" operation - This means our events are hosted in different venues befitting the specific mood and needs of the event itself. Please visit our events page to learn more about our venue partners, and when you can expect to attend one of our workshops, seminars, discussions, or presentations.

A    B L O G

As part of our dedication to idea-sharing, Kleur will feature a rolling blog, or "journal," featuring the writings, observations, ideas, experiences, and profiles celebrating people and topics that are fascinating, important, timely, heroic, and intensely arresting. Our contributors will come and go, rotating as their life rolls on with them and their curiosity attached to it.