Wonderfully, we are in the middle of an exciting transition. Since 2015, Kleur  has been a storefront based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, specializing in selling curated handcrafted goods and housing skill-based workshops -  ranging from the creative to the cerebral. Now, we have decided there is a need to place more focus on our events, and a desire to reach into  outside communities, in addition to our own.  In today's social climate, we hope to exist as an entity that seeks to bring people together, to work harder on their person skills, to seek to communicate better and spread empathetic intentions. We are devoted to creating a platform for people to share ideas and become better members of society. Our plan is to partner with organizations, individuals, and ventures who have similar principals and goals. As of September 2017, Kleur has left it's storefront location in downtown WSNC and is transitioning into being a satellite venture. Our Mobile Boutique will still celebrate and feature products made by devoted creatives, and our events will still touch a soft nerve. Stay tuned for details. Basic information below. Thank you for your patience!


M O B I L E   +   O N L I N E    B O U T I Q U E  

We are a curated boutique based in one sweet little teardrop trailer, and soon-to-be online . Our bounty is comprised of hand-crafted and hand-picked and repurposed goods  

offering quality unique pieces for your body, self, and home. Original designer work is made by both local and faraway makers and designers, who build their products in small

batches with devotion to detail and quality design.  Our found goods represent a passion for collecting and reusing timeless classics, rounding out our modern nostalgic aesthetic.  

Beginning in 2018, KLEUR will be ready to travel to your event or city. Check back for booking. 

W O R K S H O P S   +.  E V E N T S

We create  events, workshops, and opportunities for idea-sharing and discussion. Our workshops include creative skill and practical life skills workshops, but much of our

programming now focuses on person-building. Currently we are developing a small series of regular seminars on topics related to empathy, awareness, compassion, and topical

education and advocacy. Our programming is shifting quite a bit, so check back for details describing how Kleur is now devoting most of our efforts to building a more engaged and

empowered community.

K I L B Y W O O D    C A B I N

We have acquired a lovely cabin in the foothills of Western Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. Dubbed Kilbywood after a trio of Carolina-bred sisters who challenged social

convention in the early 1900s, the cabin will be available for overnight or weekend rentals beginning in December 2017.  Kleur will be hosting weekend small-group retreats that will

focus on community-building, positive resistance, mindfulness and wellness, and in general will just be a place where people can come together, relax, cook, write, read, and have

discussions about important topics. More information to come. To view the process of making this homestead, visit @kilbywood_cabin on Instagram.

A R T I S T   A N D   C O M M U N I C A T O R   R E S I D E N C I E S

We host two-week- and four-week-long residencies for out-of-town artists and thinkers who desire to get away from their normal grind and dedicate time to exploring new work and

thought, and collaborating with enthusiastic new people. Artists residencies feature up to four resident-led workshops, a gallery showing of work created during your stay, a

collaboration with at least one local artist (or the creation of a public work, intended to remain after the stay), and the opportunity to work in a studio space during your extremely free

time here. Communicator residencies are for people who seek to share ideas, lead seminars on important or difficult topics, and work with local activists or potential-advocates on

how to communicate within their community, to spread thought and awareness.  Residencies can be held in downtown Winston-Salem or at Kilbywood Cabin. Email

KLEURSHOP@GMAIL.COM for details and more information. 


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